Fluoroethylene carbonate cas 114435-02-8

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  • Packing: Drum, IBC, BAG or As Per Request
  • cas : 114435-02-8
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    Fluoroethylene carbonate

    Product Name

    Fluoroethylene carbonate


    FEC; 4-Fluoro-1,3-dioxolan-2-one;



    Molecular formula


    Molecular Weight


    Physical and Chemical Properties

    Melting Point

    Melting Point: 18℃

    Boiling point

    Boiling point: 249℃


    General Description

    Colorless transparent liquid with slight odor.


    New organic film additive for lithium ion battery

    Product description

    Fluoroethylene carbonate, abbreviation as FEC, which is organic solvent electronic chemical, also can be used in the electrolyte of lithium-ion battery. It is a lithium-ion secondary battery assembled with positive plate, negative plate and battery diaphragm. Mainly used in the research field of battery materials.

    Product features

    Electrolyte additive for lithium ion battery
    + Film forming agent
    + Overcharge protective agent
    Passivation layer can be formed on the surface of negative electrode for lithium battery to protect the positive and negative electrodes effectively.
    Effectively improve lithium battery safety when overcharged.
    Suitable for most lithium batteries’ electrolyte formulations, including iron-phosphate lithium ion battery and ternary lithium battery.
    Compatible with most lithium battery electrolyte components and package.

    Recipe guidance

    Recommended dosage of lithium battery electrolyte shall not be less than 1.0%

    Safety precautions

    Harmful If swallowed
    Avoid contact with eyes


    200kg or 250kg/ stainless steel drum

    Storage condition

    Under the protection of Nitrogen, keep away from light and store at low temperature
    Store in the cool, dry and ventilated place.

    Storage time

    If the product is stored in full compliance with the storage conditions mentioned above or similar operating conditions, the product still meets its specifications or the values shown in the “specifications and characteristics” section above after 12 months from its shipping time (see respective transportation documents).

    This does not mean that after 12 months, the product does not meet its specifications or set values. It is recommended to test the product to determine whether it meets its specifications or set values before use.


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