Pharmaceutical excipients and daily chemical grade MethyI beta cyclodextrin MEBCD cas 128446-36-6

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  • CAS: 128446-36-6
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    MethyI beta cyclodextrin

    Cas no.




    English name



    Molecular formula


    molecular weight

    1135 + n·(14.0)

    Molecular structure


    Product features

    Methyl beta cyclodextrin (MEBCD) is one of the widely studied and applied cyclodextrin derivatives. Among common cyclodextrin derivatives, methylated cyclodextrins have large surface tension and are easily soluble in both water and organic solvents.

    main functions

    Solubilization and solubilization, anti-oxidation, odor, slow release, targeted drug delivery, etc.

    Product qualification

    CDE platform – drug excipient registration number

    MethyI beta cyclodextrin: F20210000272

    Product performance

    [Medical field]

    (1) Methyl beta cyclodextrin can improve the solubility and bioavailability of drugs, and increase the efficacy of drugs or reduce the dosage.

    (2) Methyl beta cyclodextrin can adjust or control the drug release rate.

    (3) Methyl beta cyclodextrin can reduce the side effects of drugs.

    (4) Methyl beta cyclodextrin can enhance the stability of drugs, especially the increase of water solubility of oil soluble molecules.

    [Daily chemical field]

    Methyl beta cyclodextrin is used to stabilize effective ingredients and play a slow release role, increase the solubility of aqueous ingredients, reduce microbial pollution, keep skin moist, mask bad smell, promote the percutaneous absorption of effective ingredients, reduce skin irritation, etc., which has been widely valued and applied.

    [Other field]

    Methyl beta cyclodextrin increases the solubility of non-polar substances, such as fatty acids, lipids, vitamins and cholesterol, and is used in cell culture. It is used in food, cosmetics, pesticides, daily chemical products, textile dyeing and finishing, printing, printing ink and has a good viscosity reduction effect in coating thickener.

    Product advantages

    (1)   (1) The quality is guaranteed, and has been audited by domestic and foreign customers for many times and has been praised.

    (2)   (2) The qualification is complete, and the CDE registration number is F20210000272.

    (3)   (3) Professional domestic and foreign trade personnel, familiar with the operation process.

    (4)   (4) We have a long-term cooperation in professional logistics and express delivery to ensure safe transportation and timely delivery.

    (5)   (5) Provide technical support.

    Manufacturer advantages

    (1) The manufacturer has a high standard GMP workshop. Strong supply capacity, reliable quality, advanced technology and stable products.

    (2) The manufacturer has complete production and inspection facilities and has successfully passed the audit of many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises. People oriented, continuously improve the quality level, and fully meet customer requirements. At present, it has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, and IS045001:201 8 occupational health and safety management system certification, thus standardizing the whole process of cyclodextrin production. There are standard processes for product quality from raw material procurement, inspection to the entire production process and warehousing. The product standards comply with USP/EP/CP/enterprise standards. The manufacturer operates in strict accordance with IS09001: 9001 quality system. Conduct quality management and supervision for each production link. Each process of our production is carried out in strict accordance with the procedures specified in our quality manual, and quality problem analysis meetings are held regularly to solve the quality problems encountered in the production process. Strive to provide each customer with qualified products of internal quality.

    (3) Technical advantages: The manufacturer has established a high standard R&D laboratory, a quality control laboratory, a microbiological laboratory and a synthesis laboratory, and has established a cyclodextrin application R&D center with universities. Manufacturers continue to increase investment in scientific research and technology, strengthen the construction of manufacturers’ R&D strength, expand the R&D team, purchase advanced R&D testing equipment, improve the overall technical strength of manufacturers, and provide a solid guarantee for the stability of product quality.


    (1) Inner package: medical low-density polyethylene bag, aluminum foil bag

    (2) Outer package: cardboard barrel, carton

    (3) Package specification: 1kg/2kg/10kg

    Storage conditions

    Storage conditions: sealed and stored at room temperature

    Validity: 2 years

    Product specifications

    Contact us for product inspection specifications.

    Contacts: Bruce Mu/

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